07 June 2024

(Italiano) Animale I Umano, al cinema dall’11 luglio

Animale I Umano (Animal I Human) in the Italian theaters since July 11th
Animale | Umano (Animal I Human) is a drama/coming of age film, a story about the passage from childhood to adulthood in which a symbolic relationship unfolds between Matteo and the calf Fandango, until man and animal actually meet. First fiction work by the director Alessandro Pugno, it ...
10 April 2024

Animale I Umano, by Alessandro Pugno at the 42^ Bellaria Film Festival

"Animale I Umano", directed by Alessandro Pugno, has been selected at 42^ Bellaria Film Festival, Casa Rossa Internazionale competition. A new distribution Draka Distribution, an international co-production: produced by Daniele Segre and ...
27 March 2024

THE GOOD INFLUENCER, now in streaming

The Good Influencer the documentary by Serena Porta with the influencers Nicolò Govoni, Sara Melotti, Gio Evan is now available in streaming for subscribers to the Italian platform and for subscribers to the CG COLLECTION channel on Prime Video. ...
20 March 2024

Gli agnelli possono pascolare in pace, world première at Bif&st

"Gli agnelli possono pascolare in pace" (Lambs Can Graze in Peace) had its world premiere at the Bif&st Bari International Film&TV Festival. Present were the director Beppe Cino, the producer Corrado Azzollini, the actors Tiziana Schiavarelli, Dante Mar...
27 February 2024

PER UN PUGNO DI LIKE (For a Fistful of Likes) available on Prime Video Italy

Draka presents the hilarious comedy starring Daniele Condotta, Mandrake, Glenda Resta, and Chiara Anicito (Cammela)
The hilarious comedy about seeking success through social media, directed by Giancarlo Doronzo and starring very popular figures in the web such as Daniele Condotta, Mandrake, Glenda Resta, and Chiara Anicito (Cammela), is now available on Prime V...
03 February 2024

Gli agnelli possono pascolare in pace, at Bif&St (Bari International Film Festival) 2024

The new film by Beppe Cino, starring Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Massimo Venturiello, coming soon
Our movie Gli agnelli possono pascolare in pace  (Lambs can graze in peace) by Beppe Cino, is in competition at Bif&st Bari International Film&TV Festival Section ItaliaFilmFest2024/Nuovo cinema italiano. The movie will be released in Puglia since March 2...
20 December 2023

(Italiano) Due nuove uscite digital: il fantasy La mietitrice del tempo e il doc Kalkidane

Francis Leclerc's fantasy THE TIME THIEF (L'arracheuse du temps), based on the fairy tale by Fred Pellerin and KALKIDANE, the documentary by Hugo Lemant which tells  of the adoption experience with a new approach: these are the two new titles from Draka Distribution now available in digital on demand in ...
14 November 2023

Peter, Wendy e le ragazze perdute available on demand

Based on one of the most popular fairy tales, the film written and directed by Livia De Paolis
The film written and directed by Livia De Paolis PETER, WENDY E LE RAGAZZE PERDUTE (The lost girl, 2021), based on J.M. Barry's fairy tale, is now available on demand in Italy. It is possible to watch the film on the platforms, Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and soon on Chili. Starring LIVIA D...
13 September 2023

Senza età (Without age) by Stefano Usardi, coming to Italian theaters: 21st September

Premiere in Rome: 20 September
Senza Età (Without age) by Stefano Usardi is coming to Italian theaters on September 21st with Draka Distribution. The film is the story of the meeting between an old lady and a young man who calls her as granny and who decides to fulfill her greatest...
20 July 2023

(Italiano) Questa notte parlami dell’Africa su CG Collection, il canale di CG Entertainment su PRIME VIDEO

It is now available on CG Collection (the Cg Entertainment channel  on Prime Video Italia) QUESTA NOTTE PARLAMI DELL’AFRICA (Shapes of Africa) directed by Carolina Boco e Luca La Vopa, based on the novel by Alessa...
24 May 2023

Monte Verità by Stefan Jäger, in the Italian cinemas since 29th June

After being screened at the 74th Locarno Film Festival and at the TFI Torino Film Industry on the occasion of the 40th TFF, Monte Verità by Stefan Jäger, is upcoming to the Italian theaters the 29 June with Draka Distribution. The film tells a story of female emancipat...
18 April 2023

Questa notte parlami dell’Africa, now on demand and dvd

It is now available On Demand and Dvd (CG/Draka Distribution edition) QUESTA NOTTE PARLAMI DELL’AFRICA (Shapes of Africa) directed by Carolina Boco e Luca La Vopa, based on the novel by Alessandra Soresina (Pi...
29 September 2022

Questa notte parlami dell’Africa (Shapes of Africa) upcoming to Italian theaters

October 27th
Upcoming to Italian theaters  the 27th October Questa notte parlami dell’Africa, a first feature directed by Carolina Boco (the docu-film Notturno) and Luca La Vopa (commercials Natuzzi, Stosa, Marina Rinaldi, Camomilla). The st...
17 June 2022

New digital releases for Draka

The touching adventure drama "Edie", the fantasy "The Stronghold", the comedy "All'Alba perderò" (I shall lose at dawn)
New titles available on Italian digital platforms: the Ukrainian sci-fi “The Stronghold” by Yuriy Kovalyov; Simon Hunter's heartwarming redemption story of a brave 80-year-old "Edie"; "All'Alba perderò" (At dawn I will lose) the comedy by and with Andrea Muzzi, starring Miriam Bardin...
29 April 2022


  The On Demand proposal by Draka Distribution on the CG Digital platform is enriched with two new important titles: "Egon Schiele" by Dieter Berner, from April 29 (also on Italy Prime Video Store, iTunes, Apple TV, Google Play, Chili, Rakuten Tv) and the animated blockbuster “G...
01 April 2022

“All’alba perderò” a film by Andrea Muzzi is on Amazon Prime Video

The hilarious comedy "All'alba perderò" (I shall lose at dawn) by Andrea Muzzi is now available on Amazon Prime Video.
01 April 2022

The old man and the little girl on Amazon Prime Video

“Il vecchio e la bambina” (The old man and the little girl) directed by  Sebastiano Rizzo, starring Totò Onnis, Maria Grazia Cucinotta and the little girl Giada Fortini, is now available on Amazon Prime Video: ...
21 February 2022

New important acquisitions for Draka Distribution at European Film Market

Draka Distribution is back from the European Film Market with new important acquisitions, to release in 2022 and 2023. Screened at the last Sundance  Film Festival the futuristic and innovative “Strawberry Mansion" / "La casa di fragola" (USA 2021) b...
02 January 2022

The Shaman’s touch in dvd and on demand

01 December 2021

Little Miss Perfect by Marlee Roberts is on Amazon Prime Video Italy

"Little Miss Perfect"  by Marlee Roberts  is now on Amazon Prime Video Italy. With Karlee Roberts, Isabella Palmieri, Lilla Crawford, Jeremy Fernandez, Tom Degnan. The film deals with the drama of ...
01 December 2021

Away by Gints Zilbaldolis is on Amazon Prime Video Italy

Gints Zilbaldolis' award-winning animated film "Away" arrives on Amazon Prime Video Italy. The film entirely silent, is the journey between dream and reality of a boy riding a motorcycle, looking for a way to take him home. All around, nature echoes, sometimes wonderful, sometimes disturbing. The mo...
25 October 2021

“All’alba perderò” a film by Andrea Muzzi in theaters

Draka Distribution presents "All'alba perderò" (I will lose at dawn) the hilarious comedy by Andrea Muzzi, in theaters. A very enjoyable film that celebrates failure as experience so common in all of us life and also to the great protagonists of history. Written and ...
08 November 2021

The Gaelic King available on Amazon Prime Video

"The Gaelic King" the adventure film set in Scotland in 800 AD. is now on Amazon Prime Video. Also available on DVD and digital on demand on iTunes, Chili and Cg Digital. Directed by Philip Todd, with Jake McGarry, Shona Melrose, Kerry Browne, Noah Irvine, Laurence Whitley, Pe...
16 September 2021

In vino veritas (From the wine) by Sean Cisterna, in digital on demand

Now available on demand on CG Digital and on the main platforms "In Vino veritas" (From the Vine) by Sean Cisterna. Distributed in Italy by Draka Distribution. From the award-winning novel “In Cerca di Marco” by Kenneth C. Cancellara, In vino veritas is a funny comedy about the mag...
15 September 2021

La ragazza dei miei sogni (The girl of my dreams) in digital on demand

"La Ragazza dei miei Sogni" (The girl of my dreams) by Saverio Di Biagio is now available On Demand on CG DIGITAL and on the main platforms. The urban-fantasy is based on the novel by Francesco Dimitri, writer of many fantasy books and considered “one of the most...
13 July 2021

Away: Italian premiere at the Floating Theatre in Rome

Sunday, 18 July h 9:00 pm
"Away", the award-winning animated movie, entirely without dialogues, directed by Gints Zilbaldolis, on premiere at the Floating Theater in Rome, Sunday 18 July at 9:00 pm. For reservations Do not m...
12 July 2021

The Shaman’s touch on demand and dvd

To understand Africa you must learn to know its spirits but the only way to access the Underworld is "The Shaman's Touch". Now available On Demand and on DVD (CG / Draka Distribution edition) "The Shaman's Touch" produced by Corrado Azzollini, a Draka production and distribution, directed by Serena Porta. The figure of the shaman was ...
06 July 2021

L’ombra del lupo (Shadow of the wolf) on demand

On Cg Digital, ITunes, Apple TV, Chili, Google Play
A brutal ritual of protection, a young man struggling with himself, a ruthless killer: these are the content of the thriller SHADOW OF THE WOLF which is now, thanks to Draka Distribution and CG entertainment, available On Demand on the CG Digital, ...
05 July 2021

“Papa Francesco. La mia idea di arte” (Pope Francis. My idea of ​​art) on Tv2000

Wednesday 7 July at 21:40
Draka presents "Papa Francesco. La mia idea di arte" (Pope Francis. My idea of ​​art) broadcasting on Tv2000 on Wednesday 7 July at 21:40. A journey into the ideal art gallery of Pope Francis, the first Pontiff who has dedicated a reflection to the concept of art, as a work of evangelization and recovery of waste. Directed by Claudio ...
02 July 2021

New release on demand: Nel cuore del Madagascar on Chili e CG Entertainment

New On Demand release for Draka Distribution and CG entertainment: it is finally available for digital rental and purchase on the Chili and CG Digital platforms "Nel cuore del Madagascar" (In the heart of Madagascar). The film, written and directed by the journalist and photoreporter Gerardo Fortino, leads the viewer to discover a territo...
18 June 2021

Arturo Mari – the photographer of the Popes, on demand on Itunes, Apple TV e CG Digital

Arturo Mari - The photographer of the Popes is now available on Demand on the iTunes, Apple TV, Chili and CG Digital platforms. Davide Lemma's documentary places at the center of the story a man and an extraordinary professional, a photographer who is fully among the great witnesses of the twentieth century. Arturo Mari - The photographer...
07 June 2021

“Respirare stanca” (Breathless) the Enrico Acciani’s debut on Chili e CG Entertainment

raka Distribution presents "Respirare stanca" (Breathless), Enrico Acciani's debut work from 8 June On Demand on the CHILI and CG Digital platforms. ▶️ Watch the trailer: The film was shot entirely during the 2020 lockdown...
07 May 2021

The titles by Draka Distribution, in the new art section on Amazon Prime Video Italia

"For the art lovers"
Nine titles by Draka Distribution about art, now all featured in the new Amazon Prime Video Italia section dedicated "to art lovers": "Gauguin" by Edouard Deluc, with a wonderful Vincent Cassel; "Big Fish & Begonia"...
23 December 2020

La migliore storia di Paulo Coelho (The Pilgrim) on dvd

The main source of inspiration for Paulo Coelho’s work is his own life. The author of “The Pilgrimage” and “The Alchemist” is, no doubt, a celebrity, but only few know that the story of his life is even better than fiction. Now "The Pilgrim" is available in the Italian version on dvd. To know more about the m...
15 December 2020

Kids in love (IT) on dvd

The coming of age movie in the fascinating London of parties and fun in finally available on the Italian version dvd. Directed by Chris Foggin starring the great Will Poulter, Cara Delevingne, Alma Jodorowsky. To know more about the movie ...
01 December 2020

Buñuel in the labyrinth of turtles (IT) on DVD

The very awarded movie "Buñuel  in the labyrinth of turtles" by Salvador Simò, Best Animation Feature 2019 at European Film Award, is finally available on the Italian version dvd, in all the physical and digital stories. To know more about the Italian version of the movie ...
01 December 2020

Magari resto on dvd

"Magari resto", the funny and thoughtful comedy directed by Mario Parruccini is available on DVD in physical and digital stores. Distributed by Draka Distribution and Conform Distribution, produced by Prism Consulting srl, the film tells the change of perspective of ...
17 November 2020

Gauguin in dvd

"Gauguin" by Edouard Deluc, is now available on DVD in all physical and digital stores. Don't miss the escape to Tahiti of the great artist, played by Vincent Cassel in search of a wild inspiration that will change the history of art. A Draka Distribution release in collaboration with ...
19 October 2020

The cine-comic “Alone, exclusive premiere on Amazon Prime Video Italia

Draka Distribution presents, in exclusive premiere on Amazon Prime Video, the cinecomic “Alone”, a fantasy action movie in which the reality will be even more shocking than the terrible fiction in which the young protagonists suddenly wake up. Inspired by the Franco-Belgian comic Seuls (Soli), writ...
11 September 2020

Magari resto, coming to Italian theaters on September the 17th

The late summer funny and thoughtful comedy with Caterina Misasi and Enrico Lo Verso
A comedy about rediscover yourself with Caterina Misasi, Enrico Lo Verso, Rosaria De Cicco, Veronica Maya, Emiliano De Martino, Pietro De Silva, Pier Luigi Misasi. In the Italian theaters from the 10 September, Mario Parruccini’s film, was shot in the great landscape of Cilento (So...
28 August 2020

Gauguin is coming to the Italian theaters

the movie starring Vincent Cassel, about the master of the Post-Impressionism
From September 17 "Gauguin" the film of Edouard Deluc starring Vincent Cassel, is coming to Italian theaters, distributed by Draka Distribution in collaboration with Conform and Prism Consulting. "Gauguin" is a great French production from the ibook "Noa Noa: The Tahi...
21 August 2020

Kids in love: exclusive premiere on Amazon Prime Video with Cara Delevingne

Draka Distribution presents, premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video Italy, “Kids in Love”, a "young people film for young people" directed by Chris Foggin and starring Will Poulter (the Maze runner trilogy), Cara Delevingne (Paper Towns/ Suicide Squad) and ...
15 January 2020

BUÑUEL In the labyrinth of turtles coming on March 5th

Buñuel – In the labyrinth of turtles the animation movie by  Salvador Simó, winner at European Film Awards as Best Animation Movie 2019, is coming in the Italian theaters on March 5 with Draka Distribution.   In a stranger-than-fiction tale befitting the master surrealist filmma...
22 November 2019

(Italiano) Un nuovo titolo per il canale Draka su Prime Video: Atomic Betty

The Draka Cinema Italy channel on Amazon Prime Video increases today with a new animation title: the TV series for children and families Atomic Betty. Betty Barrett is a 12 year old Canadian girl who loves school, daydreams and prefers to be outside. Betty loves watching sci-fi mov...
11 June 2019

TULIPANI – love, honour and a bicycle coming on June 20th

The film TULIPANI – love honour and a bicycle is coming into Italian theaters on Jne the 20th. Directed by the Oscar winner Mike Van Diem with a great international cast: Ksenia Solo, Gijs Naber, Lidia Vitale, Donatella Finocchiaro, with the extraordinary participation of Giorgio Pasotti and with Giancarlo Giannini, Michele Venitucci...
15 January 2019

Alone: a beautiful review on Nocturno magazine

Matteo Vergani, signs the beautiful review on the film Alone by David Moreau, appeared on, the first fantasy genre digital magazine.  Alone, distributed in Italy by Draka Distribution, is available on the CINEMAF digital platform. "... The creature conceived by the duo Vehlmann-Gazzotti and given birth in a filmic form by Dav...
08 January 2019

In Viaggio magazine: review about Egon Schiele, on dvd

  "It was released in 2018 this DVD of the film Egon Schiele of 2016, directed by Dieter Berner: 110 minutes with many scenes shot in Vienna, which narrates the creative torment of the artist, his Expressionism veined by Existentialism, his passion for the naked female body, from the angular acerbity of adolescence to the sensuali...
24 December 2018

Pope Francis – My idea of Art on Sky Arte TV

"A Christmas Eve in the name of spirituality and art": the documentary Pope Francis - My idea of ​​art, will be tonight on Sky Art, at 9.15 pm.  Directed by Claudio Rossi Massimi and written by Tiziana Lupi, the opera, produced by Lucia Macale for Imago Film and distributed by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Distribution...
31 October 2018

Egon Schiele on Sky Arte TV

Brilliant, provocative, brilliant, seductive, this was Egon Schiele, one of the Masters of Austrian Expressionism. On the occasion of the centenary of his death, we remember him tonight 31 October at 9.15 pm with the unpublished «Egon Schiele» on SKY ARTE....
24 October 2018

Big Fish & Begonia on Cinemaf platform

Big Fish & Begonia, in the Italian version, is available on the CINEMAF platform, from 24 October for 30 days from rental; from the first play you will have 48h to see it as many times as you want!...
23 October 2018

Big Fish & Begonia, on newsstands with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni magazine

From 23 October on newsstands with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni magazine, the film on dvd that has enchanted millions of viewers all around the world: an animated film that fills the eyes and the heart, with its artistic quality and a timeless history, full of blows of scene. What are we willing to do for those we love? Dis...
11 October 2018

Big Fish & Begonia: the Italian home video release

The animation masterpiece of the Chinese school, directed by Xuan Liang & Chun Zhang, arrives in home video in all the physical and digital stores: the Italian version of this film that fascinated audiences all over the world, with an aesthetic elegance and a thematic intensity that made it very close to the greatest works by Miyazaki...
11 October 2018

Egon Schiele: the Italian home video release

The most controversial artist of the early '900, the unforgettable voice of Viennese Expressionism, pupil of Gustav Klimt: the Italian version of Egon Schiele, told in this vibrant film about his life and his art,  is available as  DVD,  in all physical and digital stores, from 17 October. Do not miss the opportunit...
22 August 2018

Monkey King: the animation movie that seduced all the word, in italian theaters on the 6th of September

Form the adventure that inspired the Dragon Ball saga
Corrado Azzollini for Draka Distribution presents, in collaboration with Giometti Cinema, a new great Chinese animated film for children and the whole family.  Monkey King - The Hero is Back has been the highest-budget animated film ever produced and distributed in China...
27 July 2018

Monkey King – The hero is back

The Chinese blockbuster is coming in the Italian theaters
The n.1 Box Office animation movie in China,  even biggest than Kung Fu Panda 2, is coming to Italian cinemas, distributed by Draka Distribution, in collaboration with Giometti Cinema. Draka, continues in his proposal to theaters of great animated films from the East: after Big Fish & Begonia, Monkey King is a new amazing Chinese ...
22 May 2018

Big Fish & Begonia in the Italian theaters on June 21st

Distributed by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Distribution with Twelve Entertainment Srl, the movie Big Fish & Begonia arrives in the Italian cinemas on June 21st. The movie is a masterpiece of animation that has already enchanted thousands of spectators around the world for the beauty of its images and a story full of emotions.  ...
15 February 2018

Facebook bans the Schiele’s nudes

Incredibly Facebook blocks the advertisement that shows a painting by Schiele, despite the nudity were covered. The film "Egon Schiele" which returns to the cinema on 26,27,28 February can not be promoted freely. It is unbelievable that the Viennese Expressionist master, considered pornographic at the beginning of the 20th Century, provok...
10 February 2018

“EGON SCHIELE” A NEW EVENT RELEASE on February 26th,27th,28th

In the centenary of the artist death, we say "NO TO THE CENSORSHIP" in the name of the freedom of arte: #ToArtItsFreedom
After the success of the first event release, "Egon Schiele" directed by Dieter Berner, is upcoming again to the theaters on February 26,27,28 in the name of art freedom. The film about the genius of Austrian expressionism is distributed by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Distributio...
30 November 2017

After the success of the event release of “Egon Schiele” the film increase its release on 48 screens throughout Italy

Great success in theaters for "Egon Schiele" by Dieter Berner distributed by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Distribution in collaboration with Twelve Entertainment. After the event release on November 27-28-29, where the film has obtained the best national average value, the release grows i...
16 November 2017

Draka Distribution presents “Egon Schiele”, the film about one of the greatest and controversial artists of the 20th Century.

Draka Distribution presents "Egon Schiele", the film about one of the greatest and controversial artists of the 20th century. One of the most controversial and transgressive artists of all time in a film event, in teathers on November 27-28-29. "Egon Schiele" by Dieter Berner is distributed by ...
15 November 2017

(Italiano) Draka agli AFM: la conferma di una scelta editoriale per i maestri dell’arte e il fantasy

Draka Distribution is back from AFM in Los Angeles with three new great acquisitions, that enrich the 2018 line-up. Two titles confirm the growing attention for films dedicated to masters of art and international literature: "GAUGUIN, viaggio a Tahiti" by Eduard Deluc, acquired by the French Studio ...
02 November 2017

The Girl of my Dreams at the Foggia Film Festival

Screening the 19th of November
"The Girlf of my Dreams", selected at the Foggia Film Festival 2017, will be screened the 19th of November, at 20:45. The festival jury chair is the famous actor and director Sergio Rubini. The kermesse, dedicated this year to the unforgettable Anna Magnani, is organized and prom...
19 October 2017

“Veleni” national Premiere in Naples

The whole cast will attend this evening at Cinema Filangieri in Naples, for “Veleni” national Premiere. The movie directed by Nadia Baldi, is in teathers since today. The director will be present together also with Tosca d'Aquino and Lello Arena, ...
13 October 2017

Draka at the Foggia Film Festival: two movies selected

The movies "The Girlf of my Dreams" (produced by Draka Production) and "Antonio's Syndrome" (produced by Draka con Imago Film) both distributed by Draka Distribution, have been selected at the Foggia Film Festival 2017. The jury chair is the famous actor and director Sergio Rub...
14 September 2017

The Girl of my Dreams – now available in dvd and blu-ray

Love, enchantment, magic, mystery ... all this will make you thrill with the movie "The Girl of My Dreams" now available in DVD and Blu-ray. Starring Primo Reggiani, Miriam Giovanelli, Nicolas Vaporidis, Chiara Gensini, M...
14 September 2017

Arthur & Merlin – now on sale in dvd and blu-ray

"ARTHUR & MERLIN", the movie about "the origins of the Legend", that enchanted readers of all time, is now on sale in dvd and blu-ray. Inspired by the myth that Tolkien read when he was young, on the heels of "The Lord of the Rings"master, "Arthur & Merlin" proposes again the epic war betwee...
27 July 2017

Arthur&Merlin available for rental in dvd

Dear lovers of legendary stories and breathtaking adventures, get ready to find out "the origins of the Legend". Corrado Azzollini and Draka Distribuzione present "ARTHUR & MERLIN" now available for rental in dvd. Inspired by the myth that Tolkien read when he was...
24 July 2017

Taranta on the Road in Competition at the Est Film Festival

The director Salvatore Allocca and the actress Bianca Nappi will partecipate at the screening of Taranta on the Road, in competition at the Est Film Festival (Montefiascone - VT). The screening will be on Wednesday July 26th, at Piazzale Frigo. T...
24 July 2017

Screening The Girl of My Dreams on the 27 July in Sannicandro

The enchantemt continues to spread ... The Girl of My Dreams at the "Festival Cinema&Letteratura "Del Racconto, il Film"  Thursday, July 27 at 19.30 at Sannicandro di Bari in the Corte Castello Normanno-Svevo. Attending guests of the "Del Racconto, L' INCANTO" the actor Nicola Nocella and the producer and distributor Corrado Azzollin...
23 July 2017

The Girl of my Dreams at the Social World Film Festival

Our movie The Girl of my Dreams has been selected in the Focus Section at the Social World Film Festival in Vico Equense. The screening is today at 5pm  - Sala Rosi, Museo del Cinema (Palazzo Antico di Città) Vico Equense. The enchantment is still going around......
27 June 2017

Draka Distribution presents today at the Vatican Museums the documentary “Pope Francis – My idea of Art”

Tuesday 27 June 12.00 - Sala Conferenze, Musei Vaticani
 "God does not know our culture of waste. God does not discard any person, God loves everyone” states Pope Francis in the documentary My Idea of Art explaining his passionate idea of Art as instrument of evangelization and upgrading of the scrap Produced by the Vatican Museums...
20 June 2017

Antonio’s Syndrome available in DVD!

It's now available in DVD the feature film Antonio's Syndrome directed by Claudio Rossi Massimi and distributed by DRAKA DISTIBUTION. You can findi it in library and  online libraries, e Following link the link: ...
09 February 2017

Draka Distribution at the EFM

Draka Distribution is at the EFM in Berlin, to present his line up and his catalogue. At the top of the titles, "The Girl of my Dreams" (by Saverio Di Biagio) releasing in Italy on April and "Pope Francis - My idea of art" (by Claudio Rossi Massimi) based on the first book ever written by a pontiff about his concept of art (shooting). ...
22 December 2016

Pope Francis. My idea of art

The Holy Father's book becomes a documentary
It is just starting the shooting of  "Papa Francesco. My idea of art" the  documentary, approved by the Vatican, which for the first time transforms into images the Holy Father's book of the same name, published by Mondadori. Draka Distribution, Corrado Azzollini's company, manages the italian and wordwilde rights. The IMAGO Film is...
30 November 2016


Thursday 1st december at Cinema Armida
It will premiere for the industry, The Girl of my Dreams directed by Saverio Di Biagio. Tomorrow, at the cinema Armida in Sorrento (h15: 00)....
06 October 2016

(Italiano) La Sindrome di Antonio, dal 17 novembre al cinema

Antonio’s Syndrome in cinemas from November 17
"To fully understand a man and his ideas you have to go to the place where the man and those ideas have originated." This is the conviction that will move Antonio to get on board on his Cinquecento on his way to Greece to get to know those places of Greece, where he will discover a lot more. Antonio’s Syndrome directed ...
24 June 2016

New acquisition for Draka Distribution to London’s Screenings

A kids' movie, set in a London underground and bohemian
He will be distributed in Italy , by Draka Distribution, the coming of age movie, Kids In Love, with an international cast: Will Poulter ( Revenant and The Chronicles of Narnia ) , Alma Jodorowsky ( Blue is the Warmest Colour ; the new face of Lancome brand ) , th...
28 May 2016

Giorgio Albertazzi deceases: his last movie has beel “Antonio’s syndrome”

The grief od Draka and Imago, for the great actor
"Antonio's syndrome" by Claudio Rossi Massimi and produced by Draka Production together with Imago film, it has been the last film work in which the great actor Giorgio Albertazzi, deceased this morning, played with his usual enthusiasm. Lucia ...
06 April 2016

“Who’s Who” now available in the digital stores

The touching story of Domenico Riva (played by Enrico Lo Verso) is now available for rental and sale in the digital stores. Here all the ...
20 March 2016

The Japanese animation cartoon will be soon in the Italian cinemas with Draka Distribution

The adventurous little mouse from the Japanese animation series which had already great success in the 70's is back in a new totally re-styled version available also in 3D. During the last European Market in Berlin Draka Distributi...
10 March 2016

Draka Distribution will distibute in Italy the british fantasy-epic feature film

In the last European Film Market in Berlin, Corrado Azzollini's Draka Distribution bought the distribution all rights for Italy and Spain of the movie Arthur & Merlin from the International d...
23 December 2015

The first Draka Box

Limited edition
It is available the first Draka Box limited edition. Only 200 pieces! A box set by three films, distributed by Draka distribution, one of which produced by Draka Production: "Who's who" (“Nomi e Cognomi”, Italy...
30 November 2015

“Life Feels Good” for the Jubilee of Mercy

"Life Feels Good" has been selected between many film titles from last season who have explored the theme of mercy, disability, love and spiritual vocation. From the 8th of December 2015, with the opening of the Holy Door, the Jubilee of Mercy intended by Pope ...
26 November 2015

Press Conference for the feature film “Santa Claus doesn’t come from the north” – NAPOLI

SCREENING FOR THE PRESS  12.00 – Cinema Modernissimo ...
26 November 2015

Press Conference for the feature film “Santa Claus doesn’t come from the north” – SALERNO

PHOTOCALL  10.00 – City Council Salerno ...
25 November 2015

Press Conference for the feature film “Santa Claus doesn’t come from the north”

Maurizio Casagrande is bringing to Italian Cinemas a truly contemporary Chrismas tale on the 26th of November "SANTA CLAUS DOESN’T COME FROM THE NORTH". Casagrande is both the director and he is starring in the movie. He is taking for the first time on the ci...
05 November 2015

“Santa Claus doesn’t come from the north” Cooming Soon

Draka Distribution is proud to present to IDF Italian Dreams Factory a feature film directed by Maurizio Casagrande. The histrionic parthenopean artist is back to direct a dreamy Christmas movie. On his side for the first time on-screen Annalisa, one of ...
20 October 2015

Ameluk is finally on rental and sale!

Since 20th October in every dvd shop and digital store.
AMELUK will be on sale from 20th of October, the film is directed by Mimmo Mancini, produced by RM consulting and distributed by Draka distribution and Flavia Entertainment. Main topic dealed by the director is the integration and cohabitation between different religions. A Jordanian thirty-years-old man is the main character; he tries to...
11 September 2015

Life feels good is now on rental and sale!

Since 8th September in every dvd shop and digital store.
"Life feels good"(italian title "Io Sono Mateusz"), distribuited by Draka Distribution, is now available on rental and sale on every dvd shop and digital store!  A movie about optimism, Mateusz teaches to never give up; he has a formidable sense of humor and a strong will, convinced that "everything is going to be alright", he never sto...
02 September 2015

Ameluk, showed at the International Film Festival of Montreal

Ameluk, distributed by Flavia Entertainment and Draka Distribution, will be showed, out of competition, at the Montreal World Film Festival in Canada, the 4th and the 5th of September. Congratulations to Mimmo Mancini, director, and to all the cast for making a movie "seriously" funny, which is about a very actual topic such as the har...
21 May 2015

International Festival of Different Capability

On Monday 25th of May in Capri, in the Cinema Space City at 21.00, will be held the screening of the movie "Life Feels Good" directed by di Maciej Pieprzyca. After the screening there will be a debate about the movie where the Eng.Simone Soria for the social cooperative Aida Onlus and Corra...
18 May 2015

“Sold Out” at CINEPALACE in Riccione

The screenings nights for the premiere of the feature film "Who's Who" are happening in many Italian Cinemas. On the 17th of May the CINEPALACE in Riccione was "Sold Out". This screening was attended by the producer Corrado Azz...
16 May 2015

“Who’s who” at Catania’s Cinema Recupero – Multisala Paradiso

What a beautiful night we had yesterday at the Catania's Cinema Recupero - Multisala Paradiso with Enrico Lo Verso and Peppe Giuffrida who/that attended the screening of the feature film "Who's who" directed by Sebastiano Rizzo, theatrically released on 14 May. The starring actor and the au...
16 May 2015

“Who’s Who” at MULTISALA POLITEAMA in Palermo

On Friday 15 May in Palermo in the Multisala Politeana the feature film "Who's Who" the film was shown/was screened at 20:30. The screening was also attended by the producer Corrado Azzollini, the starring actors Enrico Lo Verso and Maria Grazia Cucinotta and the local authorities. ...
14 May 2015

Movie premiere of the feature film ” Who’s who” UCI CINEMA Molfetta

At the the movie premiere of the feature film " Who’s who", on the 14th of May at UCI Cinema in Molfetta is happening a meeting with some students from Giovinazzo Schools along whith a screening. During the event for the premier...
07 May 2015

The movie “Who’s who” (Nomi e Cognomi) obteined the high quality standards patronage by the Puglia’s Association/Order of the Journalists

    The movie "Who’s who" (Nomi e Cognomi) obteined the high quality standards patronage by the Puglia's Association/Order of the Journalists with the following motivation/reason: “[...] the high social value of the feature film "Who’s who" produced by Draka Production...
07 May 2015

“Who’s Who” in the Italian Cinemas from the 14th of May

Today, in the Cinema Moderno in Roma was held the press conference to present the feature film “ Who's Who” distibuited in the Italian Cinemas from the 14th of May, the director Sebastiano Rizzo, the sarring actors E...
07 April 2015

AMELUK: Press Conference

The feature film winner of the Religion Today Filmfestival 2014, will be in the Italian cinemas starting from Thursday 9th of April. The press conference will be held tomorrow at 11:00 at the Cineporto in Bari (180 Pavil...
04 April 2015


"Life Feels Good" has been selected between many quality film titles from the Fondazione Stensen in Florence as one of the more important cultural referement point about art and the cinema art, increasing the value of those with cultural and formative elements. “Life Feels Good” written and directed by  Maciej Pieprzyca distribuited ...
31 March 2015

Draka Distribution will distibute a new SouthItalian Comedy

Draka commits to the funny comedy directed by Mimmo Mancini “Ameluk” in cinemas from the 9th od April. The feature film is distribuited by Flavia Entertainment in collaboration with Draka Distribution with the promes to make smile youngs and old ones. The cast is made most of all by actors from Puglia: Mimmo ...
13 March 2015

Movie event premiere of ” Life feels Good” in Bari

The screening room was totally full during the premiere of “Life feels Good” on the 12th of March 2015. “Life feels Good” distributed by Corrado Azzollini from Draka Distribution. As testimonial Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Mingo de Pasquale attended the even along with the Draka Distribution members. The evening, and the promotion ...
11 March 2015

“Life Feels Good” Event in Bari for the first screening

The feature film “Life feels Good” will be in the italian cinemas starting from tomorrow. The film is distribuited by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Distribution, Maciej Pieprzyca is the scriptwriter and the director, and it starring the actor Dawid Ogrodnik (one of the lead actors of “Ida”, Oscar Win...
19 February 2015

“Who’s Who” will be soon theatrically release in the Italian Cinemas

“Who's Who” written by Camilla Cuparo, directed by Sebastiano Rizzo and producted by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Production will be soon theatrically release in the Italian Cinemas. Starring stars of this movie are  Enrico Lo Verso, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marco Rossetti, Ninni Bruschetta, Dino Abbrescia, Mingo De Pasq...
16 February 2015

“Life Feels Good” in the Italian cinemas from the 12th of March

The feature film “Life feels Good” will in the italian cinemas starting from the 13th of March. The Polish film "Chce się żyć" (original title) writtenand directed by Maciej Pieprzyca won the Silver Hugo Award at Chicago International Film Festival. The main cast: Dawid Ogrodnik nel ruolo del prota...
23 January 2015

Draka Production and LUISS Creative Business Center Collaboration

Draka Production and LUISS Creative Business Center, special department of LUISS Business School di Roma, started their first collaboration in order to offer a first class stage-experience to the Creative Masters' students. Two students from the accademic coruse in “screenplays for T...
16 January 2015

DAWID OGRODNIK leading actor of the movie “Life feels Good” nominated for the Acedemy Awards

DAWID OGRODNIK leading actor of the movie “Life feels Good”, theatrically released by Draka Distribution in the Italian Cinemas in March, is also starring the feature film “IDA” directed by Pawel Pawlikowski nominated for the Acedemy Awards for the Best Foreign Film. “Ida” ...
26 December 2014

Who’s Who on TG2

Tomorrow night at 24.30, on TG2 Strorie, a service on “Who's Who” directed by Sebastiano Rizzo, produced by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Production. The TV progam will present, with interviews to the actors Enrico Lo Verso, Maria Grazia Cucino...
24 December 2014

Who’s Who: is not a movie about Giuseppe Fava

Draka Production officialy denies the incorrects news about “Who's Who”. The feature film, it is the result of the artisticf free expression of the scriptwriter, Camilla Cuparo, and it is not about Giuseppe Fava but it is about the fictional character Domenico Riva. The production  indeed is opted out of this uncorrect news. You ca...
23 December 2014

Started the preparation of the film “The Girl of my Dream”

Draka Production started to prepare the next feature film “The Girl of my Dreams” produced by Corrado Azzollini and directed by Saverio Di Biago. The scriptwriter is Francesco Dimitri, and it is inspired by the namesake book written by Dimitri, the esteemed author of...
11 December 2014

Mingo starring in “Who’s Who”

Mingo De Pasquale, the famous journalist of “Striscia la notizia” tells about his starring role in “Who's Who” directed by Sebastiano Rizzo and produced by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Production, theatrically released in March 2015. This confirms t...
26 November 2014

Nomi e Cognomi (Who’s Who): special preview at Giornate del Cinema in Sorrento

Tuesday, 2 December 2014
The film, produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production, directed by Sebastiano Rizzo and written by Camilla Cuparo, will be showed as a preview at the Sorrento's Giornate Pr...
23 November 2014

Enrico Lo Verso and Sebastiano Rizzo on the stage of the Agave di Cristallo Award

Sebastiano Rizzo and Enrico Lo Verso on the red carpet in Pietrasanta (Lucca), for the assignment of the Agave di Cristallo Award to La Ricotta e il Caffè as "The best shortmovie"; directed by Rizzo...
20 November 2014

“La ricotta e il caffè” won as Best Short-Movie

On the 22th of November the short-movie “La ricotta e il caffè” written by Camilla Cupato, will win the Agave di Cristallo in Pietrasanta. Is one of the only film festival to award films for their dialogues. To the event will attend the director Sebastiano Rizzo. “La ricot...
17 November 2014

Enrico Lo Verso and Sebastiano Rizzo guests at the TV program IL CAFFE’ DI RAI UNO

Enrico Lo Verso and Sebastiano Rizzo guests at the TV program IL CAFFE' DI RAI UNO, the lead actor and the director of the short-movie “Who's Who” produced by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Production for the award winning prize Agave di Cristallo “Winning as film with the best dialogues” (also directed by Sebastiano Rizzo and produce...
30 October 2014


Draka attends Medimex, International Exhibition of Innovative Music organized by Puglia Sounds for music-lovers and professionals. The international exhibition is also an international market for the italian and international industry. Stands, live music, artists, panel, meetings and many other e...
08 October 2014

Draka Production present the new movie in catalogue, at Mantova’s Incontri del Cinema d’Essai

A beautiful movie, in the italian theaters in 2015
Draka Production present the new movie that will be released in the theaters in 2015: LIFE FEELS GOOD, directed by  Maciej Pieprzyca. The presentation will be taken in Mantova at 9.45 am - Virgilio Room - during the XIV edition of Incontri del Cinema d'Essai. The movie, the is one of the most appreciated ope...
29 August 2014


Special guest: JEAN-MICHEL BYRON, ex Toto's front-man
Friday 29 August at 7,30 pm -  Corte Meraviglia - Giovinazzo (Ba) Draka Production is, with Medionalum Bank, partner of THE SHARING EVENT: the event organized by Amra Communication Solutions, for this evening in Giovinazzo. An in...
28 July 2014

Peppe Giuffrida’s Live Concert and New Videoclip

Yesterday night in Giovinazzo the italian artist Peppe Giuffrida performed after the screening of the short-movie “La ricotta e il caffè” produced by Draka Production, directed by Sebastiano Rizzo in the closing night of the event "Giovinazzo a corto di cinema" international exhibition of short-movi...
25 July 2014

“La ricotta e il caffè” screening and live concert in Giovinazzo

The short-movie produced by Corrado Azzollini's Draka Production and directed by Sebastiano Rizzo, starring Luca Ward and Barbara Tabita will premiere out of competition to the exhibition of short-movies “ A corto di Cinema” on Sunday 27 of this month, in the school San Giovanni Bosco court – Corso Dante Alighieri – Giovinazzo, ...
24 July 2014

Corrado Azzollini is one of the jurors of the competition Giovinazzo a Corto di Cinema

The producer Corrado Azzollini, chairman of Draka Production and CEO of Amra Communication Solution, is one of the jurors of the competition Giovinazzo a Corto di Cinema: International Competition for Short-movies. The event, whom institutional image was created by Amra ( i...
10 July 2014

New York City: Corrado Azzollini won and award as Puglia’s Excellences

Corrado Azzollini chairman of the cinema and music producion Draka in puglia, won and award in New York City during the  60^ edition of the Fancy Food Show. It is one of the biggest event about food and drinks in the States in beween June and July. The award, took by Radek Kaziow on the behalf of Corrado Azzollini, was an occation to und...
26 June 2014

It is completed the post-production of the film “Nomi e Cognomi (Names and Shame)

It is completed the post-production of the film "Nomi e Cognomi (Names and Shame), directed by Sebastiano Rizzo and produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production.The production asks the director some considerations on the job just ended: The film is almo...
11 June 2014

Justice for the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Sentenced to two life sentences the killers of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was murdered in 2006 because of her job. Politkovskaya has become an icon for journalists ans she also inspires the protagonist of the film produced by Draka Production "Who's Who". The film, in fact, focuses o...
12 May 2014


Draka production researches an actress for a role as co-protagonist, for the fantasy film that the company is planning for 2014. The ideal candidate preferably should speak both Italian and English and has the following physical characteristics: aged between 18 and 25 years; good looking, facial features with strong appeal to Eas...
24 March 2014

Draka Production in the distribution market

Draka Production announces the come into society with the distributor FOUR DISTRIBUTION based in Rome. To FOUR DISTRIBUTION will be entrusted with the distribution of all the cinematographic products from Draka, it has already bought an italian commedy and is working on a foreign drammatic feature film w...
05 February 2014

DRAKA PRODUTION at Berlinale 2014

German – Italian producers meeting
Draka production will be at the Co-production Market meeting between German and Italian producers that will take place in Berlin on the 9th of February 2014. The German Federal Film Board (FFA) and the Italian Ministry of Culture Heritage, Activities and Tourism (Mibact) – Department of Cine...
21 January 2014


with Antonio Alessi, production manager
After working as general coordinator for the film "Nomi e Cgnomi" (Names and Shame), Antonio Alessi is now a production manager in Draka Production. The company gets a very expert of the Italian cinema, highly esteemed. Specializing in television serial, Alessi has been, since 1999, coordinator and executive producer of varoius RAI ...
20 January 2014

Apulia Film Commission has granted to Draka Production 157.169,50€ of the Apulia National Film Fund

Today Apulia Film Commission has granted to Draka Production 157.169,50€ of the Apulia National Film Fund, for the movie Nomi e Cognomi (Names and Shame). The fund is reserved to cinema productions made in Puglia region. It is the biggest fund amount ever granted from Apulia Film Commission to a production company based in Puglia. ...
10 January 2014

La Ricotta e il Caffè, the first shortmovie dedicated to Giuseppe Fava

The Awards
La Ricotta e il caffè, produced in 2012 by Corrado Azzollini and directed by Sebastiano Rizzo, has just won the Critics Award at the Mendicino International Film Festival. The Award join the selection between the 5 best shormovies in the Taormina Film Fest 2013 and the "Best direction" Award got in Tropea Cinema Festival 2013.. L...
10 December 2013

Press conference of the movie “Nomi e cognomi”

Press conference of the movie “Nomi e cognomi” (shooting in Giovinazzo till the 21st December 2013) directed by Sebatiano Rizzo and produced by Corrado Azzollini. The actors Enrico Loverso, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marco Rossetti, Totò Onnis, Antonio Stornaiolo, Mingo De Pasquale will introduce the artistic...
21 November 2013

Second day of shooting for the feature film “Who’s Who”

Is the second day of shooting for the feature film directed by Sebastiano Rizzo. The troupe arrived to Giovinazzo where will stay for all the time of the shooting. The lead role is played by Enrico Lo Verso who will work on Maria Grazia Cucinotta's side. Others name in the cast are Antoni...
20 November 2013

Start filming NOMI E COGNOMI, with Enrico Lo Verso e Maria Grazia Cucinotta

The value, in content and method, of producing made in Puglia
Start today filming the movie “Nomi e Cognomi”, filmed in Giovinazzo (Ba). Debut of director Sebastiano Rizzo and produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production, the film focuses on civic and courageous journalism which is opposed to the ...
05 November 2013

Nomi e Cognomi – the movie

The new production is starting
It is planned for the end of november the starting of the shooting. Nomi e Cognomi (Names and Shame) is produced by Corrado Azzollini; directed by Sebastiano Rizzo. ...
14 July 2013

La Ricotta e il Caffè: the best direction award at the Tropea Cinema Festival 2013

La Ricotta e il Caffè, directed by Sebastiano Rizzo, confirms the success got at the Taormina Film Fest 2013, receiving the "Best direction"Award at the Tropea Cinema Festival. Sebastiano Rizzo is getting the Award in the last night of this event, dedicated to shortmovies....
14 July 2013

Giallo Toscano, this evening, at the Tropea Cinema Festival 2013

Special events dedicated to Toscany and Buoconvento
The film Giallo Toscano (2012), by Carlo Concina and Rossella Daverio, produced by Accademia dei Risorti (Teatro dei Risorti) and Poyel Produzioni is distributed by Draka Production. The movie has been showed out of competition this evening at the opening of the Trop...
13 July 2013

La Ricotta e il Caffè at the Festival del Cinema Tropea 2013

La Ricotta e il caffè directed by Sebastiano Rizzo is one of the 10th short-movies finalist in the Tropea Film Festival 2013. The screening is scheduled on the 19th July during the third night of the festival. This is another great occation for Draka Production to promote the first project dedicated to Giuseppe Fava, the journalist...
13 July 2013

La Ricotta e il caffè displayed in Taormina Film fest 2013

The producer Corrado Azzollini and the director Sebastiano Rizzo, take part to the event
The producer Corrado Azzollini and the director Sebastiano Rizzo at the Taormina Film Fest for the presentation of the La Ricotta e il Caffè. Big interesting from the many spectators, for the movie dedicated to Giuseppe Fava (played by Luca Ward), showed in the Film Maker Section. The main actress, Barbara Tabita, takes ...
13 July 2013


Draka Production will attend the summer kermesse dedicated to international cinema in Taormina, The screening will be in the special section dedicated to filmmakers from Sicily on the 21st of June. Is a great occation to rise exposure for the production company during the festival. The Taomnina Film Fest...
21 August 2013

Luca Ward starring “La Ricotta e il Caffè”

The Film Project is dedicated to the journalist Giuseppe Fava, killed in Catania by the local mafia in 1984 on January 5, with 5 shots while he was driving the Renault. The actor of the recent success of the fiction on Canale 5 "Le Tre Rose di Eva," well known to the public also because he is the italian voice of many Hollywood actors,...
21 August 2013

Casting for “La ricotta e il Caffè”

On Saturday 16th June there will be the casting for the short-movie “ La Ricotta sul Caffè” in Draka, adress: Via delle Ricamatrici 1 in Giovinazzo starting at 10,00 a.m. To who would like to book the casting please send an e-mail with photo, adress and a short CV to
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