Monte Verità by Stefan Jäger, in the Italian cinemas since 29th June

24 May 2023

After being screened at the 74th Locarno Film Festival and at the TFI Torino Film Industry on the occasion of the 40th TFF, Monte Verità by Stefan Jäger, is upcoming to the Italian theaters the 29 June with Draka Distribution.
The film tells a story of female emancipation set in one of the most interesting places in early 1900s in Switzerland: Monte Verità. A true utopian colony and forge of ideas. A place frequented by unconventional intellectuals and artists who came from all over the world to discover the importance of nature and man’s harmony with it. One of the first vegetarian and nudist communities of the last century that inspired the hippie movement in the 60s.
Hanna Leitner, flanked by real protagonists such as Hermann Hesse, Otto Gross, Isadora Duncan and many others, is on the run from her role as a bourgeois wife and mother in which she feels relegated. She decides to leave Vienna and his family to join the community that in Ascona, Switzerland, meets on Mount Monescia renamed Monte Verità. In this place of freedom, inhabited by artists and people of all backgrounds, looking for a true expression of their inclinations, Hanna will be able to give space to her passion for photography that her husband had always opposed.

Starring Maresi Riegner, Hannah Herzsprung, Max Hubacher and Joel Basman as Hermann Hesse.
Monte Verità is a co-production from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, made with the support of the Turin Piedmont Film Commission, with the partnership of the Cannobio City and with the collaboration of Gestione Navigazione Lago Maggiore. It is distributed in Italy by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Distribution.
The film is produced by tellfilmKGP FilmproduktionCOIN FILM, in coproduction with  MMC MoviesRadiotelevisione Svizzera RSI / SRG SSRblueORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, with the support of Bundesamt für KulturZürcher FilmstiftungFilmstandortförderung SchweizKulturförderung Kanton LuzernTicino Film CommissionRepubblica e Cantone TicinoSuissimageFISA – Filmstandort AustriaÖsterreichisches FilminstitutFilmfonds WienFilm- und Medienstiftung NRWDeutscher Filmförderfonds.

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