THE GOOD INFLUENCER, now in streaming

27 March 2024

The Good Influencer the documentary by Serena Porta with the influencers Nicolò Govoni, Sara Melotti, Gio Evan is now available in streaming for subscribers to the Italian platform and for subscribers to the CG COLLECTION channel on Prime Video. The film is also available for rental (on demand) on the main online platforms: Google Play, Youtube, Prime Video, CGtv and Apple TV.

The Good Influencer is a journey to discover young protagonists of the world of social media, followed in their daily activities, in a journey that will culminate in the discovery of the roots of the human being and his essence, in the land of Africa. By involving our protagonists in some challenges that undermine the functioning mechanisms of cognitive biases (prejudices), we explore how one can become a “good influencer” and achieve success through a different and more conscious use of social media.

Nicolò Govoni, Sara Melotti, Gio Evan are witnesses of a new life path that has led them to give a new direction to communication with their followers.

Listening to their intentions and aspirations to reconsider the world of social media in a more optimistic light is a way to explore the potential offered by these tools towards real growth, inextricably linked to culture, knowledge, travel, comparison, reflection and empathy.

The film received the Best Documentary Award at the Foggia Film Festival.


A Kraken production
directed by Serena Porta
subject Corrado Azzollini
screenplay Corrado Azzollini and Luigi Dimitri
photography Luca La Vopa
editing Claudio D’Elia
music Anna Pasaman

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