Press Conference for the feature film “Santa Claus doesn’t come from the north” – SALERNO

26 November 2015

PHOTOCALL  10.00 – City Council Salerno

PRESS CONFERENCE 10.30 – City Council Salerno, Marmi’s Hall

CAST INTERVIEW 11.00 – City Council Salerno, Gonfalone’s Sala

PREMIERE  20.30 – Cinema Apollo

Attending: Maurizio Casagrande, Annalisa, Giampaolo Morelli


Maurizio Casagrande is bringing to Italian Cinemas a truly contemporary Chrismas tale on the 26th of November “SANTA CLAUS DOESN’T COME FROM THE NORTH”. Casagrande is both the director and he is starring in the movie. He is taking for the first time on the cinema screen

Annalisa, one of the biggest star in the italian contemporary music. This comedy set against the backdrop of “The artist Lights” in Salerno, tells the story of the father-daughter relationship, whom after many funny misunderstandings their destine is to help orphanages, who have been cared by an outside the box priest performed by Gianpaolo Morelli.

The film produced by the Italian Dreams Factory of Giovanna Enaudi, Silvia Natili e Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Maria Grazia Cucinotta is playing the role of a psicologist. The movie is going to be theatrically release on 26th November 2015 distributed by Draka Distribution of Corrado Azzollini.


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Marcello (Maurizio Casagrande) old-fashioned illusionist, immature, superficial, liar father with His daugther India (Annalisa), a talented singer but with a look too similar to the famous singer Annalisa, with who she is often double of Annalisa. To solve her difficult situation with men she decides to spend the Christmas Holidays with her father, who is leaving instead to Salerno, leaving her alone at home. He needs to deliver the Christmas presents dressed like Santa, while he is doing it, he falls down, hits His head and looses His memory. Father Thomas (Gianpaolo Morelli) reaches him for help along with the childrens who are living with him. Marcello does not remember anything about him so they call him Santa Claus. But in the meantime, India, disappointed and angry, starts to search for her dad, (gets on tracks), along with Gerardo (Angelo Orlando), Marcello’s slob and incapable manager. In between many misunderstandings and ups and downs, after defeating the evil impersonating by the beautiful and evil Alice (Tiziana De Giacomo) they will find a lot more than the instructions themselves.


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