Magari resto, coming to Italian theaters on September the 17th

The late summer funny and thoughtful comedy with Caterina Misasi and Enrico Lo Verso

11 September 2020

A comedy about rediscover yourself with Caterina Misasi, Enrico Lo Verso, Rosaria De Cicco, Veronica Maya, Emiliano De Martino, Pietro De Silva, Pier Luigi Misasi.

In the Italian theaters from the 10 SeptemberMario Parruccini’s film, was shot in the great landscape of Cilento (Southern Italy) and it is distributed by Draka Distribution and Conform.

Francesca is getting ready for her wedding but she feels that something in her life is not working. Surrounded by her historical friends and very busy with all the preparations, the girl begins to ask herself crucial questions and to look for answers where she has always built her most solid certainties, getting help in her counsellor of all time, Don Fabio. She will eventually stumble upon a truth that will completely subvert the order of her life, making her realizing that she is ready to discover herself again.

Magari Resto is written by Mario Parruccini and Alfonso Santaniello, directed by Mario Parruccini, produced by Alfonso Santaniello, a Prism Consulting production, and will be released at the cinema on September 10 distributed by Draka Distribution and Conform.

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