Life feels good is now on rental and sale!

Since 8th September in every dvd shop and digital store.

11 September 2015

“Life feels good”(italian title “Io Sono Mateusz”), distribuited by Draka Distribution, is now available on rental and sale on every dvd shop and digital store!  A movie about optimism, Mateusz teaches to never give up; he has a formidable sense of humor and a strong will, convinced that “everything is going to be alright”, he never stops believing how life can be precious and, anyway, beautiful.

Mateusz is diagnosed with a cerebral paralysis, that makes him unable to communicate with the world outside: he will live his life as a vegetable. This does not prevent his parents from taking care of him with all their love and attentions. When he’s 25, due to an accident that involves his family, Mateusz is entrusted to a center of recovery, where the staff  finds serious difficulties in getting in touch with him. Just a specialist refuses to give up and finds out something amazing…

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