New release on demand: Nel cuore del Madagascar on Chili e CG Entertainment

02 July 2021

New On Demand release for Draka Distribution and CG entertainment: it is finally available for digital rental and purchase on the Chili and CG Digital platforms “Nel cuore del Madagascar” (In the heart of Madagascar). The film, written and directed by the journalist and photoreporter Gerardo Fortino, leads the viewer to discover a territory and its people, telling of a violated beauty, with sincerity and no holds barred.
Madagascar, all the contradictions of Africa. Evocative views, wild forests and deserted clearings are the setting for the complaint that turns the spotlight on some of the most hidden aspects of the island. From the most remote villages, to the mines of Ilakaka, where the violation of the landscape and people does not stop in front of the speculation of sapphires. A journey into prisons, where 27,000 inmates live and die, in the silence of the forgotten. A leap into the great Andralanitra, the Antananarivo landfill, where 3,000 people life is no more than the garbage that tons is dumped here every day. In the heart of timeless tribes and ethnic groups, poised between survival and extinction.



on CG Digital
on Chili

Written and directed by Gerardo Fortino
Production Gerardo Fortino STUDIOS
With the participation of Diocesi di Ambositra – Madagascar Amministrazione penitenziaria – Word UP!
Supervisor Sound Editor Anselmo De Filippis
Editing Anselmo De Filippis
Subtitles Rubbish dump Carole J. Ramelintsoa
Subtitles Elena Bernardeschi, Mark Mathias
Interpreter Maria Laura Morgione
Content Editor Carolina Boco
Graphics drawing Ivan Pezzullo
Content adaptation Gerardo Fortino
Voice over Danila Tropea, Francesco Marino
Music Mattia Vlad Morleo, Sydney Poma, Patrick Sainton, Julien Allioux, Löhstana David, Laosanthu, Laurent Petitgand, Justus Rümenapp

A distribution by DRAKA DISTRIBUTION

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