Peter, Wendy e le ragazze perdute available on demand

Based on one of the most popular fairy tales, the film written and directed by Livia De Paolis

14 November 2023

The film written and directed by Livia De Paolis PETER, WENDY E LE RAGAZZE PERDUTE (The lost girl, 2021), based on J.M. Barry’s fairy tale, is now available on demand in Italy. It is possible to watch the film on the platforms, Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and soon on Chili. Starring LIVIA DE PAOLIS, JULIAN OVENDEN, PARKER SAWYERS, LOUIS PARTRIDGE, EMILY CAREY, ELLA-RAE SMITH with VANESSA REDGRAVE and IAIN GLEN and JOELY RICHARDSON.

SYNOPSIS – It is the story of four generations of women starting from the original Wendy Darling of the classic Peter Pan. Just like her grandmother Wendy and her mother Jane, our Wendy will have to find a way to free herself from Peter Pan’s influence, thus breaking her promise to never grow up. Questioning whether the experience of these women in Neverland really happened or whether it was just the result of hallucinatory phenomena, the film follows the protagonist from childhood to adulthood, seeing her reconcile with her mother, her daughter and finally, with a past that is hard to forget and leave behind.

CHILI (coming soon).

When you think of Peter Pan’s magical adventures in Neverland it’s very easy to forget how Peter was abandoned in London’s Kensington Gardens: he was left behind by his parents and this is the fate he shares with all the lost boys and with our young Wendys. The film has trauma and abandonment at its core, yet the themes are approached with a sense of lightheartedness. The movie offers a hyper-realistic arthouse vision of the lives of four generations of women who appear to be afflicted with a condition that scientists have recently identified as “hyperfantasy”: the ability to have extreme mental sensory images that occur both when you imagine things that when you recreate memories stored in your mind. Across four generations the film explores their evolution over time while contemplating the contradictory human desire for freedom and security, in a touching story that intersects motherhood, enchantment, love and, in the end , optimism.
“I have been fascinated by the hidden meanings of fairy tales since childhood and when I read Laurie Fox’s novel “The Lost Girls” I was immediately drawn to the way the author reinvents J.M. Barrie’s timeless tale. for a contemporary adult audience. In a broader sense, The Lost Girls tells the story of a girl who successfully attempts to manage the transition between childhood and adulthood – between the world of fantasy and that of reality – and the hard and wonderful journey that this adventure requires. ” Livia de Paolis

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