Arthur & Merlin – now on sale in dvd and blu-ray

14 September 2017

ARTHUR & MERLIN“, the movie about ”the origins of the Legend”, that enchanted readers of all time, is now on sale in dvd and blu-ray.

Inspired by the myth that Tolkien read when he was young, on the heels of “The Lord of the Rings”master, “Arthur & Merlin” proposes again the epic war between Good and Evil, telling, as never before, the story of the two legendary Celtic icons.

The dvd is distributed by Rai Cinema and 01Distribution with Twelve Entertainment Srl.

 In Dark Ages Britain, a time of myth and magic, a Saxon force from the East attacks the Celtic people. But the vicious Saxons are not the only ones who threat the Celtic face. The powerful druid, Aberthol, secretly plot to destroy them too. He controls the ailing King Vortigern and leads the Celts to their deaths. But hope is not lost. Arthur, a banished warior, and Merlin, a heremit wizard, embark on an heroic quest to stop Aberthol and save their people, before it becomes a memory scattered in the mith.

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