(Italiano) Due nuove uscite digital: il fantasy La mietitrice del tempo e il doc Kalkidane

20 December 2023

Francis Leclerc’s fantasy THE TIME THIEF (L’arracheuse du temps), based on the fairy tale by Fred Pellerin and KALKIDANE, the documentary by Hugo Lemant which tells  of the adoption experience with a new approach: these are the two new titles from Draka Distribution now available in digital on demand in Italy on CG Collection, the CG Entertainment channel active on the Prime Video platform, on CGtv, Apple TV, Google Play and Chili.

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THE TIME THIEF by Francis Leclerc
In 1988, in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, an 11-year-old boy is worried about his grandmother’s health. Exhausted by illness, the woman, an old storyteller, tries to convince her nephew that Death no longer exists. Its story will bring back to life, since 1927, extraordinary characters from their village; through incredible tricks, they will eliminate the Death that threatens them. Death, after all, is nothing more than the origin of legends.

WATCH THE ITALIAN TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP0dPWlDkHs

KALKIDANE by Hugo Lemant
A young woman of Ethiopian origin, she was adopted at the age of five by a French family and thirteen years later tracked down her biological father through social media. She therefore decides to go and look for him with his adoptive parents and his older brother, who for the occasion films the journey and the meeting by his camera.

A co-production by Draka production and Les Film Film Bleus

WATCH THE TRAILER https://youtu.be/2h6dk44zmfw?si=TROEt24kJOU4Af5i

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