Senza età (Without age) by Stefano Usardi, coming to Italian theaters: 21st September

Premiere in Rome: 20 September

13 September 2023

Senza Età (Without age) by Stefano Usardi is coming to Italian theaters on September 21st with Draka Distribution.

The film is the story of the meeting between an old lady and a young man who calls her as granny and who decides to fulfill her greatest wish. Anna wants to leave the nursing home where she is staying to go and see the sea. It will be the beginning of a road trip and an unexpected friendship.
Anna and Pietro begin their journey with a stolen car, from Italy to Spain, passing through France, up to Almería, a city that she has always wanted to see. Among economic difficulties, “apparent” deaths, weddings, escapes, ambulances, robberies, unexpected events and adventurous evenings, they reach Almeria to see the Virgin of the Sea.
While her family, alarmed by her disappearance, begin a frantic search in an attempt to find her, Pietro and Anna continue their journey with the intention of not being stopped. A journey as exciting and unexpected as the friendship that will bind the protagonists.

Starring Patrizia La Fonte in the role of Anna, Jacopo Garfagnoli as Pietro. With them, Bob Messini, Giovanni Visentin, Eleonora Panizzo, Matilde Vigna, Francesca Sartore, Raffaella Paleari, Eduardo Portesio.

Senza Età is produced by FiFilm Production, producer Caterina Francavilla. The film is shot between Padua, the French Riviera, the Costa Brava, Girona, Canjáyar and Almería. A Draka Cinema distribution.

The Premiere of the movie will on September 20th in Roma, Cinema Caravaggio.

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