Draka Production is an independent cinematic production company and a discography label, managed by Corrado Azzollini, based in the Italian region of Apulia, and all over Italy and internationally.

Draka Production produces and distributes films, documentaries, publicity spots, company marketing videos, musical video- clips, music and soundtrack arrangements.

It is completed  the feature film co-produced with Holland and Canada, directed by the  Oscar Winner – Mike van Diem ( Oscar 1998 as ”Best foregin film” with Karakter). The film “Tulipani, love, honour and a bicycle“, next release in Nederland, is receiving a great response from the 2017 International Festivals stage: officially selected at Toronto Film Festival ; at Nederland Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. The movie  has been financed also by the Dutch Film Fund, Eurimages, MIBACT, Apulia Film Commission, Italian Fondo Lazio. The cast includes, beside international actors, Italian stars such as Giancarlo GianniniDonatella FinocchiaroLidia VitaleGiorgio Pasotti,  Michele Venitucci and and foreign names as well.

Recently is has been produced the TV series “L’Arca di Legno” 12 episodes starring Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Mingo De Pasquale, about stories of artists, sportsman e and people who live on the mountains.

Among the last productions we can mention “The Girl of my Dreams” (directed by Saverio Di Biagio, based on the book by the same name written by Francesco Dimitri) starring Primo Reggiani, Miriam Giovanelli and Nicolas Vaporidis, Chiara Gensini, Marco Rossetti and Remo Girone. The film was theatrically released in Italy on April 27th; “Antonio’s Syndrome” (directed by Claudio Rossi Massimi), with a great cast which includes also Antonio Catania, Remo Girone, Giorgio Albertazzi, Moni Ovadia. The film was theatrically released in Italy on November 17th.

Also completed are  the short film  “They sell” directed by Andrea Purgatori, starring Ashraf BarhomAlessandro HaberMaddalena Causati, Mingo De Pasquale); the short film “Il compleanno di Alice” directed by Maria Grazia Cucinotta starring Mingo De PasqualeLucia Moscato and the young Anna Mariano, broadcasted on the Studio Universal Channels.

It’s a 2019 project, the feature film  “Questa notte parlami dell’Africa”, based on the book with the same name written by Alessandra Soresina, directed by Francesca Muci (the film will be shot Kenya).

The company also assesses co-production of cinematic projects as well, both Italian and from foreign sources. The evaluation is carried out through an analysis of the artistic and cultural contents of each project, as well as taking into account the productive feasibility and the commercial potentialities.

Draka Production founded the Draka Distribution that offers the service of film distribution of Draka’s movies and not, over domestic and international markets and through the various channels provided: theatrical, home video, free TV and pay TV.

Amra, media partner in all the activities endorsed by Draka, guarantees professional support in the promotional stages of the projects.

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