Shapes of Africa


Draka Production, in association with IDF, Seven Dreams and BK Production (Morocco)


feature film





Directed by

Carolina Boco & Luca La Vopa


Roberta Mastromichele, Grace Neema Enock, Corrado Fortuna, Diane Fleri, Marlon Joubert, Maria Grazia Cucinotta





The life-paths of Emma and Nuri, two women a long way far from each other, intersect in the charm and contradictions of sub-Saharan Africa. Emma, a lawyer – stuck in between the end of her marriage and a job that is draining her last drop of energy – she can not handle it anymore. She decides to leave and to go to Africa. Nuri, a young African girl, though intimately faithful to her Muslim beliefs and traditions, finds herself increasingly inconsistent with the integrity of her family, made up of rules, obligations and prohibitions; her hunger to discover the world is increased by the fascinated myth of the West, secretly spread among the girls of her age. Their meeting will help both of them to better focus on their fears and desires. They will come into contact with a group of activists engaged against elephant poaching; among them also Dylan, charming and mysterious, whom Emma will be immediately attracted to, and Finn, a young man with a stormy past, whom Nuri will fall in love with. Emma and Nuri will deal with their inner ghosts, running into very dangerous events but in friendship and into the desire to freedom will find the courage to face a crucial choice: find their own path and follow it without regrets.

The movie is produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production, in association with IDF, Seven Dreams and BK Production (Morocco).
With the contribution of Apulia Film Commission and the collaboration of Kenya Film Commission.
Executive production in Kenya: Draka Production in collaboration with Cafe Luna Films and Popo Cameras Company.
Partner Ethiopian Airlines.

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