Antonio’s Syndrome


Imago film, Draka production


full-lenght movie


comedy on the road



Directed by

Claudio Rossi Massimi


Biagio Iacovelli, Queralt Badalamenti, Antonio Catania, Moni Ovadia, Mingo De Pasquale e con la straordinaria partecipazione di Giorgio Albertazzi e Remo Girone


in theaters since 17th November



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A film about journey, love, about self-research, where young actors meet performers among the most loved in the italian cinema: among them, the extraordinary Giorgio Albertazzi, in his last movie.


In September 1970, Antonio Soris, twenty years old
and fervent ’68 activist, leaves Rome by his mother’s
Cinquecento on the way to Athens. Few money in his
pocket and so much lust of knowing the world. The
destination is not picked by chance, Antonio is following
Plato’s myth and he’s convinced – or at least, he hopes- that
in Greece he will find Plato’s Cave of the shadows, the place beyond which the knowledge is located.
A research trip, therefore, that won’t lead Antonio to the widely known Cave but will give him the chance to know and live the great love for a greek girl, named Maria.

Hanging around temples, wonderful sea and breath-taking shores, Antonio and Maria will live a continuous reciprocal courting, made of playfulness and badly hidden passion, of life, love and politic exchange. As background, the dream of Revolution, the liberation of the costumes and the Greece of colonels.
But in the end, things will take another character and another sense.

A generational film but not just that. The 68′ generation is just a starting point or maybe an excuse for the author, that sinks his hand deeply into the illnesses of the human soul, timeless, unchangeable through the generations and that come out of the inner awkwardnesses of everyone who decides to measure himself with the world. Doubts about man and world are the true protagonists, told with soft, cheerful and often ironic tones. And then love, as a romantic, tender and intense background that follows through the whole film.


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