directed by Saverio Di Biagio - urban fantasy 2016
directed by Claudio Rossi Massimi - comedy on the road 2015
directed by Mike Van Diem - drama comedy 2016
13 October 2017

Draka at the Foggia Film Festival: two movies selected

The movies "The Girlf of my Dreams" (produced by Draka Production) and "Antonio's Syndrome" (produced by Draka con Imago Film) both distributed by Draka Distribution, have been selected at the Foggia Film Festival 2017. The jury chair is the famous actor and director Sergio R...
07 October 2017

Great success for Tulipani at the International Festival du Rio

Great emotion for the Premiere in Latin America of the movie"Tulipani- love, honor and a bicycle" by Mike Van Diem, screened tonight at the International Festival of Rio de Janeiro.  Presented by Draka Production (majority production for Italy) with the production delegate Carolina Boco who represented t...
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