The shaman’s touch


Draka Production


TV series (4 episodes of 30' each) + documentary



Directed by

Serena Porta


available in dvd and on demand on CGDigital, ITunes, AppleTV, Chili

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The figure of the shaman was born in primitive communities as a tool for solving problems, as a way to survival.
The shaman is linked to a complex system of healing but he is also a bridge between spiritual and earthly energies, the way through which the divine will and the nature forces are made available to humanity.
Corrado Azzollini, who has always been in love with the African continent and its secrets, embarks on a journey in the footsteps of mystical individuals and magical rites, relying on his curiosity and old and trusted friends. The journey among the spirits therefore begins from two countries so different from each other but equally fascinating: Morocco and Kenya.

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