Draka Production





Directed by

Carolina Boco


Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Isabella Ragno





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Produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production in collaboration with FNOMCeO – National Federation of the Orders of Physicians and Dentists.

With the testimonies of: dott. Filippo Anelli, dr. Giovanni Bergantin, dr. Vito Calabrese, Tiziana Mattiazzi, Dr. Ombretta Silecchia.

How much can the night scare, in isolated and unsafe structures or during a home visit? How difficult can be to continue working after enduring violence?
Doctors begin their career by vowing to “treat every patient with care and commitment, without any discrimination.” They have made the health and safety of patients as their vocation and the goal of a life and yet they are too often victims of aggression and violence. There are who lost their lives during a shift, killed by the same person who requested a visit or a prescription. Testimonies from doctors and journalists, victims and institutions, are intertwined with the images of the night shift of a doctor on call, the story of the passion, determination and fragility of being people, as well as doctors on the front line . The care of others is not only diagnosis, assistance or therapeutic plan, it is first of all meeting, with the usual, human, difficulty of understanding and making oneself understood, with the fear of not succeeding. Each individual is called to this deep encounter, otherwise, night fears and ghosts will take over, until becoming real.

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