The Wooden Ark


Draka Production, Seven Dreams Production, Trepuntouno, Dastian Pictures, Matteo Corona


TV Series





Directed by

Domenico De Ceglia


Condotto da: Maria Grazia Cucinotta e Mingo De Pasquale


On Amazon Prime Video - broadcasted on Alpha 59


10 puntate

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The mountain, theater and partner of 11 extraordinary stories.

The Wooden Ark is a TV series that tells, in 10 episodes, the stories of people connected to each other by a common scenario: the mountain, the choice of the extreme and the love for nature, to admire and respect. The challenge of limitation, the calculation of risk and the desire to follow a passion, are the main vectors. The protagonists of the single episodes are met in their work and in their free time by the very special presenters Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Mingo De Pasquale, on their journey to discover the Dolomites. The opening and closing episodes focus on one of the most popular writers of the last twenty years literature in Italy: Mauro Corona, also expert sculptor and climber, who considers the mountain like his “lair”, his partner, the inspiration of his work.

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