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drama, fantasy




in development


A sea monster, a community at the edge of the abyss and an indecipherable child. Based on the comics Kraken, Best Book of Italian School at the Romics Comic Books 2018.

SYNOPSIS Selalgues is a little village on the northern coast of France where the sky is grey, the seagulls turn around as the fishing vessels pass through and the community, crushed by scarcity and existential wear, finds refuge in prejudice and superstition. This is at the expense of Damien, a troubled kid with a mission to find and kill the Kraken, the sea monster which he believes to be responsible of the death of his father and brother. However, his voice remains unheard. Indeed, Damien has witnessed the worst tragedies which took place in the village and it was also the only one to get out unharmed. What if it’s him, the real monster, the bearer of misfortune?

Emiliano Pagani and Bruno Cannucciari bring life to a disenchanted work with dark colors in which the solitude influences the acts of men and the sleep of reason prevails, eating through the human spirit.

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