Giallo Toscano, this evening, at the Tropea Cinema Festival 2013

Special events dedicated to Toscany and Buoconvento

14 July 2013
The film Giallo Toscano (2012), by Carlo Concina and Rossella Daverio, produced by Accademia dei Risorti (Teatro dei Risorti) and Poyel Produzioni is distributed by Draka Production. The movie has been showed out of competition this evening at the opening of the Tropea Cinema Festival (which will open the projections of the short films in competition tomorrow evening).
A special evening dedicated to Buonconvento, the town in the Siena province, which was the theater of the film shooting and that it has also contributed greatly to the realization of the project (in human resources, financial ones and natural beauty also, which have contributed so much to the stunning photography of the film) .
Buonconvento and Tropea .. two charming villages of Italy “will meet each other” in the name of cinema, for a twinning between the two town: the representatives of the Tuscan country will present the film and visit the beautiful Calabrian center.
Giallo Toscano is a particular case in the film world: Buonconvento is at the center of the film in fiction and in reality. The film is quite entirely the result of local energy: from production to the cast and part of crew.

Giallo Toscano is avaliable to download su
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