Justice to the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya

11 June 2014

Sentenced to two life sentences the killers of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was murdered in 2006 because of her job.

Politkovskaya has become an icon for journalists and she also inspires the protagonist of the film produced by Draka Production “Who’s Who”.

The film, in fact, focuses on civic engagement and the journalism opposed to the social and moral degradation caused by crime. We address two questions to the producer of the “Who’s Who” Corrado Azzollini, who is also a journalist.

- Why journalist are always in the target of mafia and in the case of Politkovskaya for the state?

The reporter can be targeted when you dedicated to specific topics with an air of inquiry. The task of the journalist should be this, tell and dig into the truth.

- What, in your opinion, you can be done to ensure that journalists are free to express their thoughts without which their lives are put at risk every day?

Journalists more than their thoughts, they must tell the facts, it is clear that everyone will tell what their eyes and mind sees. They must do so regardless, because if you marry a craft, newlyweds a style, a way of life. On the State, it should be more present, must follow better and ensure those who dedicate their lives to work and in this case the truth.

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