Press conference of the movie “Nomi e cognomi”

10 December 2013
Press conference of the movie “Nomi e cognomi” (shooting in Giovinazzo till the 21st December 2013)
directed by Sebatiano Rizzo and produced by Corrado Azzollini.

The actors Enrico Loverso, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marco Rossetti, Totò Onnis, Antonio Stornaiolo, Mingo De Pasquale
 will introduce the artistic view of the movie.

The Producer Corrado Azzollini, Antonella Gaeta president of Apulia Film Commission, Silvio Maselli CEO at Apulia Film Commission,
 will speak about the importance of this movie in increasing local economy and to promote local reources and profesionals.

Tommaso Depalma Mayor of Giovinazzo, Fabrizio Nardoni chief of Agricultural and Food Council of Puglia will tell about local reources.

The budget of the movie was reached thanks to local investors, sponsors and partners like Amra Communication Solutions. 

Amra - media partner of the movie - will promote the project and Puglia district resources in national ad international market. 

With the same attitude - as the executive producer Alessandro Contesa will explain - the majority of actors were chosen between those acting in Puglia.

The Italian distribution company Microcinema will be also present.

Nomi e cognomi – the movie

Set in south Italy in the present days Nomi e cognomi is the story of an investigative journalist reporting criminal business.

The protagonists are Enrico Loverso and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Screenwrite – Camilla Cuparo

Director – Sebastiano Rizzo 

DOP – Simone Zampagni 
(in selection for best DOP at David di Donatello Awards and winner at Ciack d'Oro Award in 2012) 

Soundtrack music - Valentino Corvino 
(musician, composer, orchestra leader, internationally known for his artistic collaborations
wrote the music for the docu-film “E’ stato morto un ragazzo” Best Film at David di Donatello Awards and at Bifest Awards in 2011)
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