Start filming NOMI E COGNOMI, with Enrico Lo Verso e Maria Grazia Cucinotta

The value, in content and method, of producing made in Puglia

20 November 2013

Start today filming the movie “Nomi e Cognomi”, filmed in Giovinazzo (Ba).

Debut of director Sebastiano Rizzo and produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production, the film focuses on civic and courageous journalism which is opposed to the moral and social decay caused by the crime.
The protagonist is Enrico Lo Verso, recently directed by Renzo Martinelli in his latest film, “11 settembre 1683″ (2013) whit F. Murray Abraham and interpreter of many Italian and international films, including “Il ladro di bambini” and “Lamerica” by Gianni Amelio – “Farinelli – Voce regina” by Gérard Corbiau; “Hannibal” by Ridley Scott, “Baarìa” by Giuseppe Tornatore.
Main female character is Maria Grazia Cucinotta, unforgettable interpreter of “Il Postino” with Massimo Troisi and also very popular presence in international projects like “007 – The World Is Not Enough.”
In addition to the two big names one other relevant actors: Ninni Bruschetta, Marco Rossetti, Dino Abbrescia, Mingo De Pasquale, Antonio Stornaiolo, Barbara Tabita.
Four weeks of filming (November 20 to December 21, 2013), producing closely tied to Puglia, also in financial resources and executive.
With funding from Apulia Film Commission and thanks to the efforts of the company Amra Communication Solutions, Puglia and also media partner, “Nomi e Cognomi” makes use of the financial resources collected from numerous local businesses.
External investors and sponsors have participated in the project strongly supported by the producer Azzollini but that also meets the objectives of visibility and promotion of the territory shared by many local entrepreneurs.
Also the executive producer, Alessandro Contessa, came from Puglia.
It will take place in Giovinazzo (Council Hall, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 64), December 16, 2013 at 11:00 am, the press conference of presentation. It will be the occasion to present in more detail the artistic content of the work, thanks to the presence of the director and the actors, Enrico Lo Verso and Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marco Rossetti, Toto Onnis, Antonio Stornaiolo, Mingo De Pasquale, as well as to provide some interesting economic data and financial information. Speakers also the mayor of Giovinazzo, Tommaso Depalma, and the Councillor for Resources agri-food of Puglia Region Fabrizio Nardoni.
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