Bonsai nature on a human scale – The discreet charm of the East


Draka Production







Directed by

Sebastiano Rizzo


Carolina Boco


available in double dvd with (with documentary "Between Spirituality and Tradition" + cd ); available on Amazon Prime Video




A documentary about the bonsai art.
The Eastern culture teaches deference towards the boundless magnitude of the Cosmos, respect for the nature, patient attention to the rhythm of seasons, love of life that is an expression of the divine. The art of bonsai is the sublime demonstration of this.
A journey through the art of educating small potted plants, through which different styles and trends communicate and engage in a dialogue of technical, cultural heritage and taste, with a strong interest for both bonsai amateur and professional. Worlwide known masters of Bonsai art tell us with demonstrations and workshops, the experience and the pleasure of attentive care of “small”, in the little masterpieces that encapsulate an entire Universe.


Visit to the Crespi Bonsai Museum (the largest exhibition of bonsai, pots and stones landscape, in Europe)

Interwies to:

LIU CHUANGANG, master of bonsai, the artist of the wind (China)
JIUWEI HUANG, master of bonsai of the Lingnan school (China)
TAKEO KAWABE, master of the avant-garde bonsai (Japan)
NG SHING FAT, master of penjing and collector (China)
YUNHUA HU, chairman of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation (China)
SU FANG, photographer and director of the major bonsai magazine in China
THOMAS ELIAS, suiseki expert (USA)
LUIGI CRESPI, founder of Crespi Bonsai Group (leading company in the european bonsai market)

The documentary is available on a double dvd (with “Between Spirituality and Tradition”) plus a cd (with the original music of documentaries and contemporary lyrics of oriental influence).

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