The good influencer


Kraken srl, Alberto Salini, Giallo Ocra





Directed by

Serena Porta




The impact of social media on culture and society has been one of the most popular and usual topic in the agenda of the public debate in the last years.
The algorithms that regulates its functioning – as claimed by Sean Parker, one of the main developers of Facebook – were created to trigger the so-called bias: cognitive prejudices or distortions in the interpretation of reality that lead users to make mistakes in processing information. First of all, the confirmation bias which pushes people to focus their attention to information and events that tends to confirm their beliefs.
“The Good Influencer” is a journey to discover young protagonists in the social media world, followed in their daily activities, to reach out  roots and essence of the human being  in the land of Africa. By involving our protagonists in some challenges that undermine the functioning mechanisms of cognitive biases, we will try to understand how you can become a “good influencer” and achieve success through a different and more conscious use of social media.
We will know their stories and the path of personal and professional life that led them to choose a new direction in communicating with their followers. We will share their intentions and aspirations to reconsider the world of social media and its implications, in a more optimistic view, exploring its potential as a tool for an inner growth, deeply linked to culture, knowledge, travel, comparison, reflection and empathy.


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