Giorgio Albertazzi deceases: his last movie has beel “Antonio’s syndrome”

The grief od Draka and Imago, for the great actor

28 May 2016

Antonio’s syndrome” by Claudio Rossi Massimi and produced by Draka Production together with Imago film, it has been the last film work in which the great actor Giorgio Albertazzi, deceased this morning, played with his usual enthusiasm.

Lucia Macale, Imago’s producer and Corrado Azzollini, Draka’s, grateful to Master, express their deepest condolences to Albertazzi’s family .

The director Claudio Rossi Massimi remembers him: ” Only him could give prestige and credibility to such an intense role. The privilege of working with him will be forever a great joy for me. Thanks George . ”

Today is a very sad day for the Italian and international cinema and theater.

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