Enrico Lo Verso and Sebastiano Rizzo on the stage of the Agave di Cristallo Award

23 November 2014

Sebastiano Rizzo and Enrico Lo Verso on the red carpet in Pietrasanta (Lucca), for the assignment of the Agave di Cristallo Award to La Ricotta e il Caffè as “The best shortmovie”; directed by Rizzo and the movie has been produced by Corrado Azzollini for Draka Production.

The movie, written by Camilla Cuparo, got the Award in the Festival dedicated to Dialogs in the movies.

Special guest of the award ceremony, Enrico Lo Verso, main actor of Sebastiano Rizzo’s last film (Who’s Who, always written by Camilla Cuparo); the ceremony has been also the occasion to give some news about the movie, produced by Draka Production, coming soon.

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