Corrado Azzollini is one of the jurors for the International Competition for Short-movies.

24 July 2014

The producer Corrado Azzollini, chairman of Draka Production and CEO of Amra Communication Solution, is one of the jurors of the competition Giovinazzo a Corto di Cinema: International Competition for Short-movies.

The event, which institutional image was created by Amra ( it will be held from the 25th and the 27th of July 2014 in the school San Giovanni Bosco in Giovinazzo.

There will be screened 20 short-movies both national and international. On Sunday 27 the jury will announce the winners. The jury panel is preside over by Erruccio Castronuovo and composed by: Corrado Azzollini, the actress Tiziana Schiavarelli, the player from Radiodervish Michele Lobaccaro and the movie critic Leonardo Gregorio.

During the closing event will be screen the short-movie “La ricotta e il caffè” produced by Corrado Azzollini’s Draka Production starring Luca Ward and Barbara Tabita, media-partner is Amra Communication Solutions.

In the short-movie shooted in Giovinazzo in the 2012 directed by Sebastiano Rizzo, many Giovinazzesi worked as extras so all the citizen are invited to the screening.

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