Investing in cinema

Cinema is an interesting field for publicity, communication and business.
Draka Production, supported by its sister company Amra Communication Solutions offers companies the opportunity to invest in this sphere in three ways:

- Coproduction,
- External investor,
- Adopting a product placement strategy.


Foreign film companies who choose to shoot part of their film in Italy, working with Italian executive producers, can benefit from a tax credit guaranteed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. The Italian executive company carries out all the administrative and bureaucratic steps with the MIBACT on behalf of the foreign producer, ensuring that the tax credit will be assigned and accounted for against the tax debits that the foreign producer has with the local tax system (VAT and other tax contributions).

The essential points of the tax credit granted by the Italian government to foreign film producers who shoot part of their film in Italy (films that have not asked for and have not been granted Italian nationality) are the following:
• Reduction of 25% of the costs for films shot, partially or wholly in Italy, for expenses elegible on Italian territory and not more than 60% of the entire budget planned for the film Maximum limit of five (5) million euro per production;
• Cannot be combined with the tax credit for Italian producers;
• The production team can spend up to 30% of the budget outside of Italy, in another EU member state;
• Commitment to enhancing the Italian territory: simulated sets are not accepted.

Each cinematic project must pass a cultural eligibility test which proves that Italian and European cultural values will be respected and confirmed.



It is a communication technique with which a product or a brand name is placed in an audio-visual product.
The placement can be accomplished in various ways:
- Visual (screen placement): the brand name is placed in the foreground in a scene, so that it is clearly visible.
- Verbal (script placement): the brand name is pronounced by the actors in the scene, capturing the attention of the audience;
- Integrated (plot placement) this is a more complex strategy adopted by the sponsoring company with the producer. It develops more in-depth and complex forms of publicity (or example when the brand name is strictly related to the plot).

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