From the vine


Kyle Bornais, Paula Brancati, Sean Cisterna & Francesco Papa


feature film





Directed by

Sean Cisterna


Joe Pantoliano, Paula Brancati, Marco Leonardi & Wendi Crewson


Available on Amazon Prime Video; digital demand on Cg Digital, Chili




Set against the backdrop of the wine country, the story is about finding your roots in your family, when you’re at the bottom of the barrel. From the awarded book “Finding Marco” by Kenneth C. Cancellara.

Mark Gentile, attorney and automotive company executive, travels to his childhood home after a major humiliation in business. He returns to the tiny village of Acerenza in Southern Italy, where he visits his grand-father’s vineyard where he grew up and finds it in a state of disrepair. Mark gets an idea to bring the overgrown property back to life and to start producing wine again, convincing various denizens of Acerenza to aid him with the promise of a share in the business if it is successful. He involves in the adventure also his wife Marina and his twenty-something daughter, Laura. As the joys of Italy starts to work its particular magic on Mark and he begins to let go of his past humiliations, he starts to mend his relationship with Marina and their daughter. But a serious offer to run another company is coming over for Mark.

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